More than a simple Cashbook

– It’s an integrated MTD and VAT solution.

XpressoBooks is not just a CashBook system with an App tacked on. It is an integrated MTD solution, designed from the beginning to be simple and easy to use for the Cash Based business, while not forgetting to make it easy for the busy Accounting practice to manage all their small business clients.

Xpressobooks – 3 years in the making, and 50+ years of practical accounting wisdom* built in.

Our Team

Our team includes veteran Accountancy, Database, Network, Cloud Server and Programming specialists, well versed in multiple Programming Languages and environments to choose what works best in each area – whether Cloud, Desktop or Mobile..

What makes Xpressobooks different?

 XpressoBooks is used in the Practice of one of our co-founders,who’s 50+ years of practical accounting wisdom* is embedded in the XB system.
Microsoft calls this eating your own “Dog Food”. We call it common sense. By using our own software in our own practice we can fix problems or make enhancement in much less time.

We listen

Suggestions and  bug reports will be attended to in days (or hours) not  weeks, months or years – you can be certain of that – because our co-founder uses Xpressobooks in his practice ….

To sum up

* Knowledge is just raw facts - Wisdom is applying that knowledge.