Run your business on time.

By using their smartphones for Data entry, your clients will be able to easily keep their books up to date, and you are able to add,update and verify your clients’ data before submitting VAT returns or preparing Final Accounts.
Using the built-in two way messaging/alert facility, you will cut down on the number of office interruptions due to unproductive telephone calls, or the usual telephone “tag” when information is needed.

Your client enters weekly transactions

Invoices and Receipts “snapped” and categorised for your review

What benefits you will get as an accountant

Save Time

  • Client enters most of the information you require.
  • No waiting for paperwork, documents and takings receipts or sheets
  • Track the time spent on each client
  • See a record of what your staff have been working on.
  • Alerts when information has not been recorded in a timely manner.
  • Images of Bills,Receipts and Bank statements easily accessible via App.
  • Lower Shredding and Archiving and transport costs.

More time and less worry

  • Have much more time to look after more clients
  • The worry of meeting deadlines in a day or 2 will be lessened (some clients will still be tardy)
  • More time means better service to your clients
  • Allow work at home or on the train – with no internet access.
  • Fewer but more experienced staff.

Reports, Summaries and Submissions

  • Weekly, Quarterly and Yearly summaries and reports
  • Submit Vat Returns and MTD information
  • Final Accounts either via existing software or Via XB Accounts Production
  • Reports of Staff ongoing work.

Better Communication

  • No waiting for paperwork, documents and takings sheets
  • Bank statement automatically downloaded from client bank via Open Banking Initiative
  • Internal Texting system with two-way alerts – all logged

Built in non Cashbook Office Functions

  • No phoning all client to make sure the Payroll hours are correct
  • No filling in forms for new or leaving employees
  • No re-calculating payroll when data was not received correctly
  • Track the amount of time spent on a client
  • Worksheets from your staff available to you from your dashboard
  • Progress reports of assigned tasks.

And finally, prepare and submit Final Accounts either via existing software or Via our XB Accounts Production facility.


Vat Returns


Submit MTD information (when HMRC finalizes it)

At all stages you have access to the clients data in realtime
and you and your team can review when needed.